Customize your fashion.

Giving you the opportunity to customize and individualize your wardrobe, not only by color, fabric and design, but also by your individual fit requirements.

PSX_20150621_175248By Lyngby provides customized suits, shirts and jackets for men and women.

Individuals are provided with the opportunity to customize their wardrobe with the assistance of professionals.

PSX_20150701_120325All our suits are made with horse lining on the lapel and breast. This makes the suit sturdy and upright, while still taking the shape of the body. There are three layers of interfacing to ensure the high quality. The horse lining stands in the middle.


PSX_20150629_142427The tailoring process consists of 62 steps of traditional handmade techniques. An example of one of these is the hand stitching on the selves of the jackets.

There are 400 different kinds of fabrics available. These are high quality 100% wool ranging from the 140s to the 180s. The fabrics include multiple patterns such as checkered and stripes.

There are 150 different kinds of shirts fabrics as well, including non-ironing fabrics.


PSX_20150628_182333Book an appointment, and one of our professionals will come out to you and take your measurements for our customized fitting and proceed to assist you in placing your customized garment order.

A simple step-by-step ordering process includes

  1. Contact us for an appointment
  2. Make your selection of fabric, style and cut
  3. Take body measurements
  4. Place your order
  5. Delivery in about 15 work days